One Click Mouse Trap

One Click Mouse Trap - product images

One Click Mouse Trap – product images

  • Unique mouse trap “One Click” with simply adjustable trigger sensitivity – The required trap sensitivity is very easily adjustable by bending rear bar of the trap. Very fine bending downwards increases the trigger sensitivity and conversely very fine bending upwards reduces the trigger sensitivity. See attached image.
  • Easy to bait, easy to set, easy to release – Easy and quickly to set with one click and simply sanitary release catched mouse with one click. You needn’t touch mouse. Clever construction which significantly reduces the risk of injures to fingers.
  • Quick and humane kill – The trap “One click” captures and kills mouse quickly. Once a mouse triggers the pedal, the trap immediatelly snaps and humane kills the mouse.
  • Durable and reusable metal construction with sensitive trigger mechanism – Made of durable metal, each mouse trap “One Click” can be reused for years of service. This design is a very effective solution in rodent control.
  • Safe to use. Contains no poisons or chemicals – The trap “One Click” don´t require poisons or chemicals, it is safe for use around food and water. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Eco friendly product – Trap and package are made from recyclable materials (metal, paper), which are friendly to the environment. Plastics are not used.


Trigger sensitivity adjustment

If you don´t want to change the default sensitivity trap adjustment, go to the paragraph Trap setting.

At first set the trap without bait. Then use the suitable tool and push the metal pedal to check the trap sensitivity. Never put your fingers into the set trap, especially don´t touch the metal pedal. The required trap sensitivity is very easily adjustable by bending rear bar of the trap. Very fine bending downward increases the sensitivity and vice versa. (see attached image) Choose appropriate sensitivity of the trap. Too high trap sensitivity can cause unwanted triggering when handling trap. At too low sensitivity, it may happen that mouse eats bait and the trap doesn´t trigger. Repeat the whole process until the trap sensitivity is according to your needs and then continue in Trap setting.

Trap setting

  1. Place a bait (such as peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut spread) on the metal pedal of disabled trap using toothpick, Q-tip or other tool to mask human scent.
  2. Set trap by pressing the rear set bar. Make sure you don´t put fingers in the bait area of activated trap. Trap spring force may cause injuries!
  3. Carefully place the trap to areas of high rodent aktivity. The end of the trap with bait should be placed closest to the wall.
  4. After the mouse is caught, dispose the dead rodent. Open the trap to drop the trapped mouse into the trash. No need to touch the rodent. We recommend using disposable gloves