Classic Metal Mouse Trap

  • Classic proven metal snap mouse trap – Mouse trap with paddle design, combinated with a powerful spring. This simple proven construction is a very effective solution in rodent control. This trap is designed especially for mice and other smaller rodents.
  • Durable and reusable – Made of durable and long lasting metal fully galvanized metal (picture 1), or brass coated metal (picture 2), or fully burnished metal (picture 3), or galvanized (zinc coated) metal (picture 4). Each mouse trap can be reused for years of service.
  • Quick and humane kill – The trap captures and kills mouse quickly. Once a mouse triggers the pedal, the trap immediatelly snaps and humane kills the mouse.
  • Safe to use. Contains no poisons or chemicals – The trap doesn´t require poisons or chemicals, it is safe for use around food and water. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Eco friendly product – Mousetrap and packaging are made from recyclable materials (metal, paper), which are friendly to the environment. Plastics are not used.


Trap setting

  1. Place the bait (such as peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut spread) on the metal pedal of disabled trap using toothpick, Q-tip or other tool to mask human scent.
  2. Place the arm bar away from the trap.
  3. To set the trap, carefully pull back the kill bar and hold it securely with your thumb.
  4. With the other hand, place the arm bar over the kill bar. Then lift the metal pedal slightly and insert the bent end of the arm bar into the slot on the metal pedal. Slowly release pressure from the kill bar until the arm bar has fully engaged and holds the kill bar securely. Take note to the setting. Sensitivity of the trap depends on the depth of the arm bar insertion into the slot. Make sure you don´t put fingers in the bait area of activated trap. Trap spring force may cause injuries!
  5. Carefully place the trap to areas of high rodent activity. The end of the trap with the baited pedal should be placed against the wall. After the mouse is caught, dispose the dead rodent by lifting of the kill bar. We recommend using disposable gloves.